Navigating Change: Hume City Council's Journey to Enhanced Customer Experience

Client: Hume City Council

Situated in Melbourne’s northern fringe, Hume City Council embraces a vibrant and rapidly growing
population of almost 260,000 residents representing various cultures, languages, and backgrounds.


The challenge focussed on the need to adapt and tailor services, meeting the evolving needs and preferences of their customers and community. Acknowledging this, the Council set out to redefine its Service Promise and Customer Commitments and establish a strategic set of actions to bring these to life.


The approach centred on a collaborative process involving key stakeholders and customer engagement. We utilised several key methodologies:

  • Customer Persona Development: Crafting evidence-based personas representing the Council’s diverse customer base, providing solid insights into their needs.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Visualising the experiences and interactions of customers with key services to identify touchpoints for improvement.
  • Customer Research: Gathering qualitative feedback to identify common themes, evolving needs, and expectations.
  • Service Promise and Customer Commitment Workshops: Interactive sessions designed for collaboration, exploring best practices and co-creating the Service Promise and Customer Commitments.
  • CX Actions and 90-Day Plan Workshops: Collaborative sessions to devise actionable strategies and plans aligned with the Service Promise and Customer Commitments.


Following this engagement, Hume City Council is now equipped with:

  • Service Promise and Customer Commitments: Tailored commitments designed to address the diverse and evolving needs of customers and the community.
  • Customer Experience Action Plan: A roadmap empowering the Council to deliver on the Customer Commitments and enhance customer experience over the next three years.
  • CX artifacts and tools: These included customer journey maps and customer personas to foster a customer-centric culture and drive ongoing engagement.


We collaborated with Change Playbook to revolutionise our customer experience (CX) approach. Together, we could make an indelible impact on how we serve our community.
Georgia Daley
Coordinator Customer Experience
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