Creating exceptional experiences is intentional.  We design experiences that resonate. Explore our work.

What we do

Change Playbook is not your typical consultancy. We specialise in relatable, human-centred, and agile solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Our practical approach ensures relevance and effectiveness in every solution we offer.

Building experiences is at the core of our practice. Drawing from our extensive experience within the industry and organisations, we bring invaluable insight to deliver tangible results, value, and sustainable impact.

We specialise in aiding organisations with transformation, innovation, customer and employee experiences, and business model evolution.

Our method revolves around design thinking, creative problem-solving centred on the customer, journey mapping, and rapid experimentation.

Our track record speaks for itself. With award-winning programs, we aim for more than just success; we strive for lasting, meaningful change.

Jane Tyzack

Founder & Managing Director of Change Playbook

Hello, I’m Jane – a seasoned executive leader with 20+ years of experience specialising in driving meaningful change and establishing high-performing teams.

My expertise lies in designing award-winning customer experiences that build trust and satisfaction. I’ve successfully implemented transformative strategies across diverse sectors, leading teams and programs to simplify complexities and enhance customer-centric operations.

Change Playbook resonates with my passion for positive change, and I enjoy collaborating with like-minded professionals. My qualifications include a postgraduate diploma in human resource management, coaching and training certifications, and proficiency in various methodologies supporting customer and employee experience enhancements. 

As a lifelong learner, I continuously refine my skills to create exceptional experiences and empower others to do the same. 

Thank you for learning more about me. I look forward to discovering more about you and exploring opportunities to collaborate for great results and a lasting impact!

What we do

Creating exceptional experiences is intentional. 
We design experiences that resonate. Explore our work.

Our Values

At Change Playbook, our values shape who we are and how we work.

Fresh Perspective

We creatively connect ideas, offering unique viewpoints of innovative solutions.

Passionate Change Makers

We're passionate about driving positive change to help people live and work better through improved experiences.

Practical Solutions

We tailor solutions to specific needs, staying practical and flexible while focusing on clear goals.

Ethical Commitment

Our integrity ensures effective, ethical solutions for long-term success and trust.

Excellence in Expertise

Experience matters, and we excel in enabling customer-centric outcomes delivering high-quality, impactful solutions.

Outcome Focused

We're dedicated to delivering successful outcomes for our clients, going extra mile when needed to ensure a positive and impactful result.

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