Building Tomorrow: Mitchell Shire Council's Strategic Plan for Customer- Centric Success

Client: Mitchell Shire Council

Mitchell Shire stands as one of Victoria’s fastest-growing outer metropolitan municipalities. Mitchell Shire Council provides a diverse range of more than 100 services to the local community while actively maintaining substantial infrastructure and facilities to meet the needs of their residents.


Mitchell Shire Council is experiencing unprecedented growth and is expected to welcome more than 131,000 new residents over the next two decades. This growth presents a unique challenge: how to serve a diverse and growing population with evolving service expectations. The Council identified the need for a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy to align their services with their community’s changing needs and preferences.


The methodology used to design the CX Strategy centred around a collaborative process engaging key stakeholders, including Councillors, the Senior Leadership Team, employees, and the community. This comprehensive approach included the following activities:

  • CX Vision & Commitment Workshop: Empowering the Executive and Senior Leadership Team to embrace customer-centricity, enabling a deeper understanding of customer experience within the context of Mitchell Shire Council and the opportunities this presents.
  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment: Evaluating the organisation’s current and desired maturity levels across customer-focused capabilities, identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Customer Research: Facilitating customer focus groups to gather qualitative feedback and
    identify common themes, evolving needs, and dynamic expectations.
  • Customer Persona Development: Collaboratively designing evidence based personas representing Mitchell Shire Council’s customer base, providing deeper insights into customer needs and expectations.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Visualising customers’ experiences and interactions with key
    services by mapping the customer journey.
  • CX Roadmap Prioritisation: Facilitating a collaborative session to map the defined actions in a three-year implementation roadmap.


As an outcome of this engagement, Mitchell Shire Council is now equipped with:

  • Customer Experience Strategy: This encompasses a set of customer commitments and a three-year roadmap designed to empower Mitchell Shire Council to deliver on their customer commitments and achieve their desired level of customer-centricity maturity.
  • CX Artifacts and Tools: This includes Customer Journey Maps and Customer Personas, supporting Mitchell Shire Council to continue putting the customer first, enabling further engagement and fostering a culture of customer-centricity.


Our collaboration with Jane Tyzack and the team at Change Playbook in developing Mitchell Shire Council's Customer Experience Strategy has helped kickstart our transformative agenda. Jane's deep understanding of customer engagement dynamics was evident from the outset. Her approach, which combined expertise with a genuine willingness to understand the unique aspects of our organisation and customers, made a significant difference. What set the Change Playbook team apart was their ability to incorporate our ideas and direction into their work. They didn't just provide us with tools and strategies; they actively listened to our perspectives and seamlessly integrated them into a cohesive and effective plan. This collaborative effort resulted in a strategy that truly reflects our community's needs and our staff's capabilities. Jane's leadership and her team's collaborative spirit have been instrumental in this journey. We're seeing real changes in how we connect with our community, and it's a testament to the effective, tailored approach that Change Playbook brought to the table. We're truly grateful for their outstanding support and the lasting impact they've had on our council.
Michael Sinclair
Manager, Customer, Communications and Engagement
Working alongside the dedicated team behind Change Playbook has been an inspiring journey that has undoubtedly transformed how we approach Customer Experience within Mitchell Shire Council. The meticulous planning, strategic insights, and innovative solutions embedded in our CX Strategy have set us up to achieve excellent service delivery to our Customers and Mitchell Community. What sets Change Playbook apart is its adaptability and responsiveness to the unique challenges faced by Mitchell Shire Council. It is evident that a thorough understanding of our organisational dynamics and a keen awareness of the community's needs were at the forefront. The team have not just guided us. They have supported us as we navigated through uncharted territories, ensuring that every decision made contributes to the overarching success of our CX Strategy. I wholeheartedly endorse and support Jane and her team at Change Playbook. They have been instrumental in shaping and delivering Mitchell Shire Council's CX Strategy.
Renee Zolli
Customer Experience Coordinator
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